Dangerous Deception

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After a disasterous car crash outside New York City, "Ridley Duchannes"- "Dark Caster, Siren, and bona fide bad girl"- has gone missing. Her wannabe rocker and quarter Incubus boyfriend, "Wesley "Link" Lincoln", was driving, and when he comes to, "Ridley" is nowhere to be found. The only clue is the giant raven emblazoned on the hood of the truck that hit them, which can mean only one thing: "Silas Ravenwood" is back. And he has "Ridley".
Determined to find her, Link reunites with old friends "John Breed" and "Liv Durand", his New York bandmates, and the mysterious "Lennox Gates"- who has his own reasons for tracking down "Ridley". Together they travel through the Caster Tunnels and the Deep South to new Orleans, where they uncover the truth about the infamous "Ravenwood" labs and exactly what "Silas" has been doing whithin those walls. By the time "Link" and his friends reach "Ridley", she is no longer the "Siren" they know and love. She's something new. This time, love might not be enough to save them.

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ISBN 9780316383639
Categories Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, NewandRestock, Romance
Author(s) Kami Garcia
Publisher Little
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