Civil War: New Avengers

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Civil War has erupted across the Marvel Universe, and no team will be more affected than the New Avengers. The Team's individual members grapple with issues of loyalty, trust, ethics and integrity as the team splits right down the middle! Captain America goes underground, Iron Man goes establishment, and both men become targets! Will Luke Cage stand by his beliefs or his family? Conflicted and compromised, where do Spider-Woman's true loyalties lie? And can the Sentry reconcile his past and his future? Which side will each of the new Avengers choose, and what will that choice cost them? The super-hero Civil War is poised to tear Earth's Mightiest heroes apart--and the shake-ups will shock you! Each standalone story in this volume is illustrated by a genuine comics superstar! COLLECTING: New Avengers (2005) #21-25 *This book may have remainder mark.

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ISBN 9780785195733
Categories Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, Graphic Novels and Comics
Author(s) Brian Michael Bendis
Publisher Marvel Comics
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