Christie: They Do It With Mirrors Abridged With Cd

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There is a dangerous atmosphere at Stonygates, a centre for young criminals. When MIss Marple visits her friend there she can sense the danger, too. One evening during her stay someone shoots at the administrator of the centre. He is not injured, but a visiting relative is shot dead at the same time in another part of the building. Could this be a coincidence? Miss Marple must solve the mystery.Collins bring Agatha Christie, the Queen of Crime, to English language learners. These carefully adapted versions are shorter than the originals with the language graded for upper-intermediate learners. Each title includes: notes on characters, history and culture; glossary; CD with a full reading of the adapted story; online activities and support for teachers.

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ISBN 9780007451678
Categories Classics, Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, New Arrivals, Woman Authors
Author(s) Christie, Agatha
Publisher Harper Collins
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