Chocolate With Vimrod

Deliciously decadent and curiously insightful musings that are so tasty they could melt in your mouth, chocolate is sure to be irresistible to chocolate lovers everywhere. In Chocolate, popular graphic artists Liza Swerling and Ralph Lazar choose sides in the immortal battle before us all--life's continuing struggle between good, evil, and chocolate. Chock-full of jokes, fables, and philosophy on God's greatest gift to humankind, Chocolate is a celebration of the love that knows no bounds. Consider these deliciously delightful musings: * Chocolate is polite, never talking back. * Chocolate is wise, knowing the answer to the question, "Does my butt look big?" * Chocolate is soothing, always knowing how to make things better. Complemented with Swerling and Lazar's delightful artwork--itself as tasty as Belgian chocolate--Chocolate is sure to satisfy the sweet tooth of chocolate lovers both young and old.

Product Overview
ISBN 9780740773884
Categories Entertainment, Humour, New Arrivals BBW, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, RM 10 - RM 19.99
Author(s) Vimrod
Publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing
Weight 0.14 kg