Censoring An Iranian Love Story /Bp

Truly original, CENSORING AN IRANIAN LOVE STORY is an incredibly imaginative yet always charming love story set in contemporary Iran that crackles with wit, verve and social comment: Sara falls in love with Dara through secret messages hidden in code in the pages of books that have been outlawed, but then something quite extraordinary and unexpected happens. Through adeptly handled asides to the reader, as well as anecdotes, codes and metaphors, and cheeky references to the wonderfully rich Iranian literary heritage, the novel builds to offer a revealing yet often playful and hopeful comment on the pressures of writing within the tightly prescribed Islamic regime, pressures that naturally are heightened where affairs of the heart are concerned.

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ISBN 9780349121451
Categories Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, Literary Fiction, New Arrivals
Author(s)   Shahriar Mandanipour 
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
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