Catching The Sun

Just how badly do you want to find paradise? When Tom Finn is almost jailed for confronting two burglars in his own home, this taxi driver takes his young family to live on the tropical island of Phuket, Thailand. Phuket is all the Finn family dreamed of - a tropical paradise where the children swim with elephants, the gibbons sing love songs in the jungle, the Andaman Sea is like turquoise glass and this young family is free to grow. But both man-made disaster and the unleashed forces of nature shatter this tropical idyll for Tom Finn's family. Catching the Sun is a gripping, moving story of a family who go in search of Paradise - and end up discovering themselves.

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ISBN 9780007327812
Categories Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen
Author(s) Parsons, Tony
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
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