Blue Fire

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Nya must leave the only home she's ever known. Trust the very people she always hated. And become the weapon she never wanted to be...Re-enter the fascinating world of Healers and Takers in the gripping sequel to THE PAIN MERCHANTS in the epic dystopian fantasy adventure trilogy, THE HEALING WARS. Nya has survived her battles with the Luminary and freed the Takers who were enslaved at the Healer's League. But all is not well in Geveg and war rages on. Nya, Tali and friends are in hiding, plotting their escape as the Duke posts a ransom for their capture. But plans are thwarted by treachery and kidnap as trackers, rascals and soldiers overwhelm them. Soon Nya finds herself alone in alien city Baseer. She must break her comrades out of jail, find her sister and unravel the Duke's fiendish new plot surrounding the mysterious goings-on at the pynvium Foundry. And to accomplish any of this she must face the almighty new menace...the Undying.

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ISBN 9780007326822
Categories Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, NewandRestock, Teenage / Young Adult
Author(s) Janice Hardy
Publisher Harpercollins Publishers
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