Bible Timeline: From Creation To The Death Of John, Ad100

An illustrated compendium spanning over 4,000 years of Biblical Chronology, Bible Timeline, is a visual guide to every act in the bible in sequence.

Bible Timeline covers an amazing amount of subjects and illustrates them with emotive images. All the key biblical patriarchs (Moses, Jesus, Adam, John, Abram, David, Joshua and many more) are represented in key scenes of the bible. Complete with tables, diagrams, and other nifty pieces of Bible trivia to help bolster biblical knowledge.

Furthermore, there are useful references and quotations that link events directly back to the bible. Traditional art of all important people and events is shown in tandem with the bible passages they are referencing. Additionally to art and bible passages, events are dissected and analyzed to give you a deeper and more thorough understanding of the bible.

Excellent for students studying the bible or for devoted individuals looking to deepen their understanding of their faith. Covers landmark events in the Old and New Testament, such as the creation, the flood, bondage in Egypt, Moses and the exodus, David, the glory of Solomon, the prophets, Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar, the Hebrew kingdoms in the established date order. New Testament follows the advent, nativity, flight into Egypt, teachings, miracles, and parables of Jesus' ministry, Passion Week, ascension, Paul's journeys, the first century of Christianity.

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