She must escape from Iraq as soon as possible or she will be forced to die for her family's honour. This is the true story of Latifa Ali, an Iraqi-born woman, whose family found asylum in the western world after her father discovered he was on Saddam Hussein's hit list. Tricked by her mother into returning to the homeland to look after a sick relative after she refused the marriage of her mother's choice, Latifa is left stranded without a passport and any opportunity to communicate with the western world. Her father, now divorced and living in Kurdistan, expects his daughter to submit to the muslim way of life and arranges a marriage that would result in her death by honour killing should it go ahead. As the war on terror rages, Latifa finds herself in conflict with her cultural heritage and customs. Allowed to work, Latifa develops contacts that could prove to be her escape route, but imprisoned, abused and violated, her efforts to defy the path chosen for her fail and her death looms closer. This is a harrowing story of independence and perseverance. This is an inspirational read of a desperate woman prepared to work as a spy, consort with the UN and run for the border.

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