Atlas Of The Middle East

Taken from back dust cover: "With worldwide interest focused on the Middle East, National Geographic has created for the first time a collection of customized maps that help explain and provide context for many of the important issues of this region known for its crossroads of faith and conflict. This conveniently sized, indispensable reference includes: 1) Detailed regional and individual country political maps, 2) Thematic maps and graphs covering vital topics, such as population, religion, oil, water, climate, and languages, 3) Intriguing historical maps, charts, and a time line, 4) Color photographs, satellite imagery, and national and regional flags, 5) Country facts and figures covering literacy, life expectancy, troops, oil reserves, economy, water scarcity, temperature and rainfall, holy sites, religious adherents, ethnic composition, and more."

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ISBN 9780792264606
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Author(s) National Geographic Society 
Publisher National Geographic Society
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