Art For Mindfulness: Geometrics

Remember the hours spent fillling in the lines of your favorite coloring book, full set of crayons within reach, the demanding adult world tuned out? Secretly long for an excuse to retreat there? Well, now you can. Find your inner artist and color your way to better focus! Mindfulness helps us appreciate the world around us-to feel centered, less stressed, and more fully alive. Art for Mindfulness off ers the perfect aid- 60 beautifully intricate geometric patterns to help focus your mind, unlock your creativity, and calm your soul. With an introduction from art therapist and mindfulness practitioner Imi Lo, plus accompanying quotes with each illustration to encourage meditation as you color, Art for Mindfulness is the beautiful coloring book series for grown-ups that is both fun and inspiring. So pick up your pencil, unleash your creativity, and watch your well-being thrive!

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ISBN 9780007947522
Categories Crafts and Hobbies, NewandRestock, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, Picasso in Me
Author(s) Andrew Paciorek
Publisher Harper Collins
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