Armchair Algebra

The principles of algebra were founded by al-Khwarizmi many centuries ago, in a time when mankind had no calculators, computers, or electronic gadgets. There were no telephones and the only means of communication was by messenger on horseback and boat. Yet the usefulness of algebra in almost every walk of life involving numbers has ensured not only its survival but also its continued development right up to the present day.

Armchair Algebra is a collection of problems, some with a very practical application, others designed as purely theoretical puzzles, that will offer something of interest to everyone. Each section is written in an easy-to-follow format and guides the reader progressively through this fascinating subject. Understand algebra, and all other branches of mathematics and arithmetic will suddenly open up in front of you.

Armchair Algebra starts with a section of Algebra Basics, which provides topic-specific introductions to all of the basic theories and skills you?ll need for the exercises contained throughout the book. Each subsequent section consists of a combination of exercises, profiles, and background information on a range of fascinating subjects.

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