Anderson's Nursing Leadership, Management, And Professio

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Be prepared to care for patients and to handle the growing workload you'll encounter in the diverse settings in which LPN/LVNs practice. Mary Ann Anderson's trademark, easy-to-read, writing style teaches you the information you need to successfully transition from student to LPN/LVN. It presents the basic information on the skills and knowledge you need to fulfill the leadership and management roles, with an emphasis on the humanistic aspects of caring. Plus, a wealth of activities online at DavisPlus, including case studies and interactive exercises make learning easier Features: coverage to help you develop the must-have leadership and management skills you need to succeed in school and in clinical practice; pedagogical tools in each chapter to make learning easier, including learning objectives, flashcards, "Focus Your Learning" charts, and "Balance the Scale" and "Reflective Thinking" exercises; case studies throughout the text and online at DavisPlus to prepare you for the real world; and, content exploring today's important topics like delegation and patient teaching. NEW!
Chapter on informatics that discusses the use of computers for charting, care planning, and NCLEX-PN[copyright] testing. NEW! "Reflective Thinking" exercises at the end of each chapter with additional exercises online at DavisPlus. EXPANDED! Emphasis on critical thinking and clinical reasoning, QSEN, IOM initiatives, and evidence-based practice.

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