An Indecent Proposition (The Secrets Of Xanos, Book 2)

A scandalous offer she can't refuse Zander Kargas developed his drive to succeed first from his father's cruel fists, then from living on the streets. He's fought for everything, and few challenges remain... or so he thinks! Charlotte is the best secretary Zander has ever had the pleasure of dealing with, and the only woman to fire his blood in a while. But she works for his bitter rival...Zander, assuming he can acquire her the way he does with most things, reaches for his wallet - except Charlotte can't be bought. So Zander must entice her...beginning with a very indecent proposition! The Secrets of XanosTwo brothers alike in charisma and power; separated at birth and seeking revenge...

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ISBN 9780263890372
Categories Fiction, Newest Arrivals, Romance
Author(s) Carol Marinelli
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
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