A Time To Triumph: How To Win The War Ahead

We are living in one of the most violent, chaotic, and permissive times in history--and each year the darkness looms larger. In the face of such overwhelming evil, how can we, the church, even begin to overcome?In this empowering and practical book, Chuck Pierce--one of the most accurate prophets ministering today--shows believers how to embrace their prophetic destiny in the midst of these tumultuous times. Offering a glimpse into what lies ahead, specifically the years 2017-2026, he explains? China's and Russia's crucial roles in the end times? how the Antichrist system is aligning with existing government structures? Israel's pivotal role in world events? prophecies fulfilled through the blood moons? changing alliances among nations and what these mean? the coming harvest in the church? the culmination of a new world order in 2026Many kingdoms in this age are vying to rule. We must understand what it means to stand strong as believers in Jesus Christ--and what spiritual forces we are facing. The stage is set; the battle is waging. It's time to fight as never before. And it's time for God's Kingdom to triumph.

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ISBN 9780800798086
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Author(s) Pierce, Chuck D.
Publisher Chosen Books
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