A Summer Affair

Glass-sculptor Claire understands the fragility of things more than anyone. One year ago she overheated in her studio and fainted, causing the premature birth of her son. Since then, she's given up work, and devoted herself to her husband and children. But then Lock Dixon begs her to provide a glass sculpture for a charity gala night. Claire knows that her family should come first, but overwhelmed by the guilt she feels about his wife's horrific accident, and unable to ignore the chemistry building between herself and Lock, she just can't say no. Her decision will call her marriage, her friendships and all her loves -- past and present --into question. And as her emotions are pushed to the limit, Claire will be left wondering if her life can ever be pieced back together?

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ISBN 9780340994436
Categories Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, Romance
Author(s) Elin Hilderbrand
Publisher Hodder
Weight 0.28 kg