A Profound Mind : Cultivating Wisdom In Everyday Life

The Dalai Lama visited New York in 2003 and gave a series of lectures, culminating in a public talk in Central Park, which drew over a quarter of a million people. Based on these lectures, this new volume will provide practical instruction on how we can use meditation to realise the mind's phenomenal potential. Leading the reader through the diverse schools of Buddhist philosophy, this book also teaches us how to let go of our own strong ideas of self and how to find a little more happiness in life, for ourselves and for others. For all the millions of fans of the Dalai Lama's writings, and for anyone yet to be introduced to his thinking, Training the Mind is the perfect book to learn how to dedicate our positive activities to the benefit of all in order to build a better world.

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ISBN 9780340841105
Categories Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Humanities, Spirituality and Religion
Author(s) Dalai Lama XIV
Publisher Hodder Paperback
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