50Th Publication Design Annual

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The Society of Publication Designers' (SPD) annual competition seeks the very best in editorial design work. Judged by a worldwide panel of top designers, the 50th edition of Rockport's best-selling SPD annuals celebrates the journalists, editorial directors, photographers, and other talented individuals who brought events of the year 2015 to our doorsteps and computer screens. Stunning full-page layouts present everything from products to people, and objects to events, in ways that make each palpable and unforgettable. You'll find featured work published in a wide range of mediums and created by journalistic, design, and publishing talent from around the world.

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ISBN 9781631591112
Categories Architecture and Design, Art & Design, Graphic Design, New Arrivals BBW, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, RM 40 and above
Author(s) Society of Publication Designers
Publisher Rockport Publishers Inc.
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