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There are few subjects that fascinate children as much as animals: they never tire of reading about their characteristics, but they rarely get the opportunity to see their favourite creatures in person. This book gives readers the possibility to explore the animal world as though its inhabitants were right in front of them, exactly as they are in reality, with their real dimensions. It will thus be possible, for instance, to compare fangs and tails and discover that it's not the lion that has the longest claws, but the sloth! Young readers will be able to compare a cat's nose with that of its wilder and more dangerous cousin, the tiger. With these immediate comparisons children will finally be able get to know animals the ways they are in real life!

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ISBN 9788854413283
Categories 6-8, 9-12, Children's Books, Children's Reference, Daily Flash, Kanak-Kanak/Children
Author(s) Isabella Grott
Publisher White Star
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