Sleep - 50 Mindfulness And Relaxation Exercised For A Restful Night

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Everyone wants to be able to switch off at the end of a busy day and sleep well, but few of us manage it. The truth is that we are just not equipped for the twenty-first century - it is too fast, too crowded, too 24/7. And the more stressed we become, the harder it is to relax and give our bodies the sleep they need.

It doesn' t have to be this way! Here is the antidote to a cycle of daily strain and sleepless nights. It is a book of effective mindfulness, EBT and CBT exercises, which can aid you in getting to sleep, staying asleep - as well as feeling refreshed wherever you are and whatever you are doing. This beautiful but practical title draws on a wide range of psychological techniques, including mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy and emotional brain training - all of them proven to work.

The perfect size to keep in a handbag or pocket, this book has been designed as a tool to keep close by, and to turn at any point in a busy day. So, open it up and feel refreshed on the go, even when you don' t have the opportunity to sleep.

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ISBN 9780857629296
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