The Average Life Of The Average Person

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If you had to pack a huge container full of everything you will need in a lifetime, what would you take with you?

A human lifespan is, on average, 79 years. In that time a person living in the UK will eat on average 479 fish fingers, take 7163 baths, shed 121 pints of tears, dream 104,390 dreams, go through 1033 chickens, buy 733 balloons and spend GBP658 on Christmas crackers.

The average man will celebrate 76 birthdays, owns 15 ties and will spend a total of 144 days standing in front of a mirror shaving.

The average woman will celebrate 81 birthdays, owns between 40 and 50 pairs of shoes and will spend nearly two years in round the clock washing, styling and restyling her hair.

And who would have thought that in the UK the Tooth Fairy currently has a turnover of more than GBP20 million?

This endlessly surprising and diverting almanac approaches each essential item from a surprising angle to tell the untold stories behind the everyday things we take for granted and builds up a fascinating picture of the numbers that make up a human life.

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