Deliciously Dairy Free (Hb)

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Over 100 fresh and simple lactose-free recipes for healthy eating every day. Millions of people are lactose intolerant meaning they lack enough of the lactase enzyme to digest milk products properly. It is a common digestive problem that affects an estimated 9.5 million people in the UK alone. Others simply prefer to eliminate dairy as part of a "clean" diet. So, what to eat? In Deliciously Dairy Free, Lesley Waters provides more than 100 fresh and simple lactose free recipes for healthy eating every day. Recipes range from Olive Socca Bread with Butter Bean Hummus to Coconut & Coffee Ice, with cheats and swaps along the way so that die-hard dairy lovers can enjoy favorite dishes they're missing. Lesley Waters is a well-known cookery writer and TV chef, author of many books, former Head Tutor of Leiths, proud owner of Lesley Waters Cookery School in Dorset and well known for her regular television appearances on Ready Steady Cook, Great Food Live and This Morning. Lesley is also a qualified Fitness Instructor and mother of two. Originally a Londoner born and bred, Lesley was quickly charmed by the beauty of the West Dorset countryside and the superb quality of the fresh local produce available right on her doorstep. She likes to cook seasonal food whenever possible and her simple, modern dishes are easy to recreate with stunning results. Lesley first became interested in dairy free when her mother developed lactose intolerance.
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