Coconut Oil: Recipes For Real Life

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Recipes for Real Life is just that - a cookbook containing a collection of over 100 gluten-free, easy-to-follow recipes using everyday natural ingredients, including coconut oil and other products from the Lucy Bee range.

Whether you need culinary inspiration in the kitchen or simply want a change from your usual repertoire of dishes, this is the cookbook for you. Each of the brand new recipes produces a tasty, nutritious meal using ingredients that you'll either already have at home or are easy to source in your local shop. We all lead such busy lives that it's not always possible to spend hours creating meals, so these recipes intend to nourish and satisfy with minimum prep time - and washing up. They're great to share with family and friends, or simply to make for yourself and take to work for lunch or snacks the next day.

Enjoy a little 'me time' in the kitchen - or get a friend or family member to lend a hand - as you rustle up your favourite recipes from the book, such as the One-Tray Roast Chicken, which takes the hassle out of cooking a Sunday roast and involves only a minimum of washing up. Try recipes with a healthy twist in the 'Fakeways' section, where healthy alternative ingredients are used to achieve mouthwatering dishes that will leave you feeling as though you are still indulging in your favourite, naughty takeaway food. Recipes include Sweet and Sour Chicken, Chicken Katsu Curry and Courgetti Carbonara. Other chapters include: Brunchin', Glow with the Flow, Saturday Night Fakeaways, Sharing is Caring, One-Pot Cooks, Naughty but Nice and Lucy's Larder.

Recipes for Real Life recommends using Fair Trade and organic ingredients whenever possible, which in turn supports those communities that produce these and cares for the environment, making a real difference to real lives across the world.

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