Frog Music

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San Francisco, 1876: a stifling heat wave and smallpox epidemic have engulfed the City.

Deep in the streets of Chinatown live three former stars of the Parisian circus: Blanche, now an exotic dancer at the House of Mirrors, her lover Arthur and his companion Ernest.

When an eccentric outsider joins their little circle, secrets unravel, changing everything - and leaving one of them dead.

Inspired by true events, Frog Music, by Emma Donoghue, author of the award-winning Room, is an evocative novel of intrigue and murder: elegant, erotic and witty.

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ISBN 9781447249771
Categories Classics and Literary, Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, Literary Fiction, Women's Fiction
Author(s) Donoghue, Emma
Publisher Pan MacMillan
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