Animal Atlas

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Did you know that: Sea otters can spend months in the water without returning to land? Flying fish can glide for 300 ft over the water? A Praying Mantis can rotate its head 180 degrees? Become an expert on all things that swim, fly, walk, hop, slither, and crawl! In a celebration of the many animals that share our planet, this gorgeously illustrated atlas explores over 250 different animals across the seven continents. Learn where different animals live, what they eat, how they communicate, and many more fascinating facts!

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ISBN 9781492641636
Categories 6-8, 9-12, Bestseller, Bestselling Children's Books, Bestselling Children's Reference, Children's Books, Children's Reference Highlight, Kanak-Kanak/Children
Author(s) Virginie Aladjidi, Emmanuelle Tchoukriel
Publisher Source Books Jabberwocky
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