Wipe-Clean Playbook: Farm Shapes & Sizes

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This attractive fun-to-learn board book for preschoolers comes with its own wipe-clean pen. It has a wheel that changes picture details on both the front cover and its reverse side, along with a fold-out feature on every right-hand page. Kids turn the wheel and open the fold-out pages to identify shapes and sizes. They identify squares, circles, rectangles, and triangles as they examine pictures of barn doors, chickens with eggs, and many other objects in the farmyard. Every big and bright illustration is filled with familiar objects and animals for kids to name and questions for them to answer. They write in their answers by using the wipe-clean pen. Then they can use the felt eraser attached to the pen to wipe the pages clean--and use them over and over again.

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ISBN 9781912738359
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Author(s) Ben Adams
Publisher I Am A Bookworm
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