Who's Afraid Of Spelling

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Do you dither over words like 'definitely?' Or agonise over 'i before e' (or is it 'agonize')? Written English can sometimes seem like a terrible jumble, but Who's Afraid of Spelling is here to make it all a little clearer. Packed full of helpful tips to master the trickiest of words and fascinating trivia on the history of the English language, this book is a handy guide to making your writing a little clearer. Read it and stop worrying! Who's afraid of...? is a series of information books covering aspects of English usage. The text is accessible and entertaining with accurate facts and advice. These are not old-fashioned prescriptive schoolbooks to make people feel inferior; they guide less confident writers through rules and conditions, highlighting common pitfalls that English language users often face. 'Pet peeve' symbols throughout the text highlight things worth avoiding simply because certain people take exception to them.

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ISBN 9781909645806
Categories Language & linguistics, New Arrivals BBW, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development, Reference
Author(s) David Arscott
Publisher Book House
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