Way To Be With Disney: From Mindfulness With Donald Duck To Kindness With Dory

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Get ready to explore feelings with Disney friends in this collection of four books for the price of one! A $30 value.

We all have a lot of feelings. Sometimes they can be tough to handle, but they are a normal part of life. Featuring favorite Disney characters, Way to Be with Disney combines four books in one to gently and engagingly explore core social and emotional concepts with young readers.

- Who better to show others about caring than Dory? In Who Needs a Hug? A Finding Dory Story, Dory and her friends use work together to find a lost otter.
- In Be Mindful, Donald! A Mickey and Friends Story, temperamental Donald Duck learns to use mindfulness to slow down and enjoy the moment.
- Tag along with Olaf and the rest of the cast of Disney's Frozen to learn how differences are valuable and can make families fun in Just Like Me? A Frozen Story.
- Anger, Joy, Sadness, Fear, and Disgust wrestle for the controls when Riley has a frustrating Saturday. What should she do? Find out how Riley deals with some big feelings, and think about how you might deal with anger, frustration, and tantrums in Hotheads: An Inside Out Story.

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ISBN 9781541542518
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Author(s) Sheila Sweeny Higginson
Publisher Lerner Publications (Tm)
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