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The Official Treasures Of Le Tour De France Vol. 5 (Hb)

`The Treasures of the Tour de France` comprises an authoritative narrative account of each major era in the sport up to and including the 2011 Tour. The reportage is complemented by features on the superstars and the memorable moments for each of the eras. It also contains 40 facsimile items of rare sporting memorabilia integrated into the pages of the book. The reader can relive the dramatic events that have entranced the watching millions by holding and examining souvenir brochures, period newspapers, posters, stickers, postcards and items of correspondence from leading figures associated with the epic sports event.

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ISBN 9781780970875
Categories Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, Sports
Author(s) Serge Laget
Publisher Carlton Books Ltd
Weight 1.79 kg
Language English