The Misadventures Of Edgar & Allan Poe: The Pet And The Pendulum

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Edgar and Allan's final misadventure! For fans of Roald Dahl and Lemony Snicket

In The Tell-Tale Start, twins Edgar and Allan Poe foiled the nefarious Professor Perry, who wanted to use them in his deadly quantum entanglement experiment. In Once Upon a Midnight Eerie, they took on his equally evil mother and daughter. Now, in The Pet and the Pendulum, it's time for the real showdown, which takes place in an old mansion right outside Baltimore. As with the first two books, The Pet and the Pendulum is filled with codes, brain-teasers, smart (not snarky) humor, and cameos by the actual Edgar Allan Poe, who is watching over his great-great-great-nephews from the Great Beyond. Readers won't want to miss the Misaventures' end! *This book may have remainder mark*

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ISBN 9780142423486
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