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The Gods Of Laki

From the author of Flypaper comes this adventure about mysterious underground volcanic forces in Iceland and a savage plot to alter the Earth’s climate.Laki, a volcano on the southern shores of Iceland, becomes a target of evil forces with a plan to cause an eruption using explosives, altering the global climate and forcing the price of oil to skyrocket. The only ones who can stop them are a sixteen-year-old Viking girl from the tenth century, a German geologist from World War II, and a former secret service agent protecting a female volcanologist.Everyone and everything on Laki is in danger, including the possibility of unraveling the mysteries of the place, as it faces burial beneath a carpet of lava. Caught underground by the fracturing physical breakup of the volcano, our heroes find themselves ensnared by an unseen, implacable foe that seems everything but a benign presence. Every move they make appears to be guided and controlled by an intelligence that permeates the netherworld.Only gradually, through all the conflict between the various factions, does everyone begin to realize that it is Laki itself that has always been in charge.

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ISBN 9781631580468
Categories Fantasy and Science Fiction, Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, New Arrivals
Author(s) Angus, Chris
Publisher Skyhorse Publishing
Weight 0.36 kg
Language English