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The Chronicles Of The Black Tulip: The Dragon's Gate Vol. 2

An engrossing fantasy, a high-seas adventure, an alternate history epic?this is the richly imagined and gorgeously realized second book in acclaimed author Barry Wolverton?s Chronicles of the Black Tulip, perfect for fans of The Glass Sentence and the Books of Beginning series.

A magical white jade stone and a map inscribed in bone that may be the key to an even greater mystery?this is the treasure Bren and Mouse have found buried on the Vanishing Island.

Mouse is determined to follow the map to a place called the Dragon?s Gate, convinced it will explain who she really is and the powers she possesses. Bren has had enough adventure for one lifetime and would like nothing more than to return to his father in Map. But nothing goes according to plan when the survivors of the Albatross are rescued by Lady Jean Barrett, a charismatic archaeologist with a sense of destiny. *This book may have remainder mark*

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ISBN 9780062221933
Categories Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, Teenage / Young Adult
Author(s) Barry Wolverton
Publisher Walden Pond Press
Weight 0.62 kg
Language English