Super Sweet Dreams (Puppy Princess #2): Volume 2

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Two perennial favorites -- dogs and princesses -- combine in this new chapter-book series perfect for fans of Puppy Pirates and Magic Puppy, but with a dash of princess-y fun!

Who says princesses have to be perfect?Princess Rosie couldn't be happier with her new best friend, Cleo! And with Cleo's birthday in two days, Rosie wants to find a special birthday gift for her. Only, none of the ideas her friends and family have are good enough. But when Cleo mentions she wants to spend a night at the palace, Rosie decides to throw a sleepover. Can she plan the perfect sleepover in time for Cleo's birthday?

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ISBN 9781338134308
Categories BBWO, Children's Books, New Arrivals BBW 2 2, NEW KL 22, Reading Books
Author(s) Patty Furlington
Publisher Scholastic US
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