Pure & Beautiful Vegan Cooking: Recipes Inspired By Rural Life In Alaska

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Fresh, Delicious Recipes from an Alaskan Vegan KitchenPure & Beautiful Vegan Cooking is a cookbook that speaks to your heart and soul, helping you to connect with others, the earth and yourself as you prepare beautiful, wholesome meals. Kathleen Henry?s cooking is inspired by the pure and nourishing abundance of rural Alaska, where she was born and raised. The result is an incredible collection of 80 recipes that highlight plant-based, whole-food and seasonal ingredients, so you can be kind to your health and the environment. The recipes are versatile to any occasion - whether it?s a quick weeknight dinner, a large gathering with friends or a quiet morning on your own - and they?re so delicious you?ll come back to them again and again
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ISBN 9781624141997
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Author(s) Henry, Kathleen
Publisher Page Street Publishing Co.
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