Pull The Tab Times Tables Book

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Studies show that children concentrate and perform better in basic maths exams when the questions are printed on an appealingly shaded background. Combined here with the fun of pulling tabs to reveal the multiples, this is a strategy proven to actively engage children and improve their memory. This easy, accessible and effective educational tool is a lively alternative to learning by rote.* Many children find it difficult to learn their times tables, but this bright and attractive pull-the-tab book makes it really easy and fun! * Covers the times tables from 1 to 12 in a quick reference format, ideal for home or school. * Fun tones aid memorisation, while the kinesthetic interaction of pulling the tabs to reveal the correct calculations will involve the child and make it easier for them to learn. * The Instant Answer Number Matrix at the back of the book provides all of the times tables at a glance.

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ISBN 9780857236371
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Author(s) Vivan Head
Publisher Anness Publishing
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