Paulo & The Football Thieves

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Peek inside the pop-up windows! Young Paulo Costa is desperate to make it into the junior soccer squad, but when the day of the trials finally arrives, not everything goes according to plan...You can gaze through bustling crowds and lift a manhole cover to discover the unexpected turn of events that gives football-mad Paulo an incredible day to remember! Three-dimensional layered pages enable youngsters to explore all the sporty subterfuge. This exciting story is certain to score with readers aged 3 to 7 years. Paulo Costa is ten years old, and he lives and breathes football. His Uncle Marcos is the star striker for the Eagles, one of Brazil's top teams, and Paulo wants to follow in his golden footsteps. Paulo's ultimate goal is to succeed at the trials for the Eagles' junior team, and he is determined to give it his best shot. His best friend Juanita wishes him luck. Peer through the packed streets as a carnival comes to town. See Paulo dash off, boots flying, when the Costa family's car breaks down, and he ends up running late for the junior try-outs. Follow him down a gloomy side street, where he notices something suspicious going on, something decidedly unsporting, something that could prove disastrous for the Eagles' forthcoming match...Young readers will be enthralled by this gripping adventure, and the detailed pop-up illustrations will take them right into the heart of the game.

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ISBN 9781861474094
Categories Activity Books, BBWO, Children's Books, New Arrivals BBW 2 2, NEW KL 22
Author(s) Taylor Dereen
Publisher Anness Publishing
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