Moving Forward

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Let Go of What Holds You Back and Fulfill God's PurposeFar too many people are not living up to God's best for them, limited by habits and hang-ups from which they just can't seem to break free. Unforgiveness, addictive behavior, unhealthy financial patterns--limitations come in all shapes and sizes. Breaking free from any of them starts the same way: by walking in the truth.Jesus died on the cross to set us free and enable us to experience life to the full; anything less than that is not God's best. If we are followers of Christ, freedom is not just a benefit to embrace if we choose; it's a responsibility we are called to. Pastor and author John Siebeling helps readers connect the dots between what they read in God's Word and their everyday lives. Each chapter highlights a specific hang-up or habit that holds people back, explains what God says about it, and points to a way forward in freedom. Practical advice and suggestions for next steps help readers see how to implement changes that give them the traction they need to move forward.

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ISBN 9780801015052
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Author(s) Siebeling, John
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