Mini Urban Apartments

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This title explores some of the world's most innovative urban housing projects. From small blocks to large housing developments, including refurbi-shments and vertical constructions, all the projects featured in this book are innovative housing proposals, the objective of which is to improve the quality of living of their residents. Mini Urban Apartments explores the Indispensable factors that architects and designer must address when creating new housing concepts - awareness of environmental factors and the use of locally available materials; the constructive and collective examination of urban facades and, above all, the introduction of variety in the accommodation.

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ISBN 9788415829218
Categories Architecture, Architecture and Design, Art & Design, New Arrivals BBW, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, RM 10 - RM 19.99
Author(s) Josep M. Minguet
Publisher Instituto Monsa de Ediciones
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