Miller's: Collecting Sci-Fi And Fantasy (Hb)

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Following an introduction to the subject of collecting sci-fi and fantasy, the book is divided into the main types of collectable, such as comics and annuals, movie posters and ephemera.  Within these chapters are further sub-sections highlighting specific areas of collecting, with an introduction to each and colour photographs with informative captions and price guides. A timeline highlights key events in the development of sci-fi and fantasy as a genre and real-life events that have furthered interest in the subject. All the familiar favourites are included, from the Forbidden Planet of the 1950s, and the 1970s cult classics of Star Wars and Star Trek, up to Spider-Man, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and information is provided on a range of items including action figures, books and toys.  Also included is a list of useful addresses for auction houses and dealers and a further reading section.

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ISBN 9780753723654
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