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I Am Bride: How to Take the WE Out of Wedding (and Other Useful Advice)

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YOUR Big Day is a hysterical spoof of the stressful (and sometimes silly) things a bride encounters when planning her BIG DAY. Comedian Laura Willcox takes on the voice of an outrageously overbearing wedding planner, offering guidance on all aspects of nuptial bliss-from the proposal (preferably with a professional photographer lurking in the bushes to capture the exact moment) to the honeymoon. This humorously illustrated guide offers over-the-top "advice" for every wedding-related detail, whether it's dreaming up the perfect wedding-weekend hashtag, creating an outrageous gift registry to flaunt your fabulous lifestyle, or strategically planning to avoid the unfortunates who didn't make the guest list. Laura Willcox's fresh take on all things bridal turns tradition on its head and will have you laughing your way down the aisle and reading passages out loud to your engaged (and married) friends.

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ISBN 9781419722202
Categories Family and Relationship, N2, Newest Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development
Author(s) Laura Willcox
Publisher Abrams Image
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Language English