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Turtle said again, "There's your money, boy," and Eddie turned and before he had the bills in his hand the hot, stubby fingers were clamped around his wrist and the sentence the man had started was finished with "you pool shark son of a bitch" - a private utterance said with the thick emphasis of hate.' Fast Eddie is an arrogant and talented pool shark who has decided that winning a few dollars here and there is not enough, so he heads for the infamous Chicago pool halls. He has only one aim - to take on the unbeatable legend known as Minnesota Fats. This is the big one - a one-hit make-or-break game - and Eddie knows that he's skilled enough to win. But things don't go as Eddie has planned and he hits a hopeless slump, unable to fathom where his game is going wrong. Then he meets two people: a woman who's willing to love him, and a man able to prepare him to take on another, bigger, hustle. But in Chicago nothing, it seems, comes for free.

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ISBN 9780747582830
Categories extraordinary, Fiction, Literary Fiction, New Arrivals BBW
Author(s) Tevis, Walter S.
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
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