Expecting A Baby?

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This book is unique in its clarity of information, the structure of the content and the latest research given. Dr Penelope Law also tackles high profile issues such as home births, obesity and diabetes, 35+ mothers and pre- and post-natal depression. Her tone is approachable and honest. She tells parents what they are entitled to ask for during their antenatal care, labour and birth, and repeatedly encourages women to take control and make choices about the care they are offered. The last section of the book is an A-Z of Complications, making this the ultimate guide to pregnancy. Written by medical experts and featuring real-life stories from mums and midwives, the books will offer a fresh, frank and practical guide to one of the most emotional, uplifting and joyous experiences in anyone s life.

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ISBN 9781849494311
Categories Family and Relationship, Highlight, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development
Author(s) Dr. Penelope Law
Publisher Quadrille Publishing
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