Cool Layer Cakes

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The layer cake sits on the table looking simple enough, but then the first slice is cut and everyone gasps each of the six layers is a different color of the rainbow! Nothing is a bigger crowd pleaser than a unique layer cake. And although a finished cake can look sophisticated and complex, creating it may be easier than you think. In "Cool Layer Cakes," professional cake designer Ceri Olofson provides more than 50 amazing layer cake projects that will inspire bakers of all levels to take their creations to new heights! Readers will find: Advice on gathering essential tools, equipment, and ingredients Core recipes for the best cakes and frosting for layeringBasic sugar craft and decorating techniquesInsider tricks for creating a professional finish with names like Sunset Fade, Flower Meadow, Pearl Cascade, and Sprinkle Explosion, the projects in "Cool Layer Cakes" are guaranteed to please. Gorgeous, full-color photos of each cake, along with illustrated step-by-step instructions.

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ISBN 9781438004204
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Author(s) Ceri Olofson
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