Can You Believe It? A Hilarious Collection Of Over 300 Twisted Facts To Make Your Toes Curl

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Try and get your head around this brilliant collection of over 300 mind-blowing facts.

* Did you know that you're more likely to die in an accident while building a sandcastle than you are from a shark bite?

* Or that a decapitated cockroach can survive without food until it eventually starves to death?

* If that's not enough to pique your interest, how about the fact that the average human sheds enough dead skin in their lifetime to fill 18 sugar bags.

We're sure your lives are already enriched by these weird and wonderful facts, but what if we were to offer you over 300 more? Well, we've done just that and you have in your hand a collection of some of the funniest, grimmest, grossest, grimiest, bizarre, disgusting, outrageous and outstanding nuggets of information on the planet. Each one will have you scratching your head in disbelief and laughing out loud at the randomness of it all. So if you've never heard of Miracle Mike, the chicken that survived for 18 months despite not having a head, then read this book immediately!

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