Very Valentine

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The first novel in a new trilogy, with a vibrant cast of memorable characters and the lush backdrops of magical Manhattan and enchanting Italy. Meet Valentine, an unforgettable and passionate woman with a heart and a dream as big as New York City. Her dream? To design the perfect pair of shoes ...The Angelini Shoe Company, makers of exquisite wedding shoes since 1903, is one of the last family-owned businesses in Greenwich Village. Now, in the twenty-first century, the company run so devotedly by Valentine and her grandmother Teodora faces financial ruin. Juggling a romantic relationship with dashing chef Roman Falconi, her duty to her family, and a design competition for a prestigious department store, Valentine accompanies her grandmother to Italy in the hope of finding inspiration. There, in Tuscany and on the Isle of Capri, she discovers her artistic voice and much more, turning her life around in ways she never expected.

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ISBN 9781847391117
Categories Fiction, New Arrivals BBW, RM 10 - RM 19.99, Romance
Author(s) Adriana Trigiani
Publisher Pocket Books
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