Amber Green Takes Manhattan

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Novice stylist Amber Green is taking on the glittering celebrity world of Manhattan one fashion disaster and wardrobe malfunction at a time! When her TV producer boyfriend Rob announces that he's been offered a job in New York, filming with the infamous Angel Wear lingerie models, Amber knows its her perfect chance to take the New York fashion world by storm. But Amber wasn't counting on unruly toddler photo shoots, clandestine designer handbag scams and a Hollywood star who is determined to wear as little as possible on the red carpet. Until she meets a disgraced former designer who could turn her career around...or leave it all in tatters. Fun, adventure, glamour and high-fashion make this is the perfect feel good women's fiction read.

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ISBN 9781848455085
Categories Fiction, New Arrivals BBW, RM 10 - RM 19.99, Romance
Author(s) Rosie Nixon
Publisher Harpercollins Publishers
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