Dr. Marcel's Little Book Of Big Love

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Breakout star of this year's Love Island, Dr. Marcel brings you his ultimate guide to finding love, the island way...

In the Love Island villa things can get pretty intense. From the perils of being mugged off to figuring out whether your type on paper is your type in real life, all the while trying to avoid being pied, there was only one person to go to for advice: Dr. Marcel.

Warm, funny and with a heart of gold, his pearls of wisdom and reassuring advice helped many a rocky relationship in the villa. Forget Blazin' Squad, Marcel found his true calling right in front of our eyes - love guru, sage and confidant. The most listened to expert on Love Island, on and off the screen, Marcel warmed people's hearts as well as teaching valuable lessons:

Should you be putting all your eggs in one basket?
Have you been grafting for too long?
Are you being pied off?
Should you only date your type on paper?

Dr Marcel's Little Book of Big Love is the perfect guide for those looking for love and navigating the often overwhelming world of modern dating. And let's face it, there's nothing that can't be learnt from the man who thrived and survived on Love Island.

Finding love will never be the same again.

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ISBN 9781788700146
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