Year 3: Teacher's Resource Book

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The Teachers' Book and acompanying CD-ROM has over twenty full lessons which cover history; citizenship; science; PE; geography; design & technology; ICT; music; art & design; and English.Scholastic Data Handling is an extensive guide to integrating data handling methods into you primary teaching in an approachable cross-curricular way. This book and CD-ROM has over twenty full lessons with an Interactive Whiteboard slideshow for each lesson as well as numerous photocopiable sheets including graphs, charts, tables, tallies and other invaluable data handling tools and templates. Each lesson slideshow contains specially-selected images and other resources, and the software is highly adaptable allowing you to upload your own images and resources and create and edit your own data handling slideshows.

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ISBN 9781407125213
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Author(s) Ann Montague-Smith
Publisher Scholastic
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