My Pet - My Puppy

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Titles in Barron's growing "My Pet Series" emphasize the special relationships that normally develop between pets of various species and their owners. "My Puppy "discusses the special care required during the first year of every dog's life. Puppies are more active and usually more playful than mature dogs, but they are also more vulnerable and accident-prone. Puppyhood is also the ideal time to begin proper training, and to achieve close bonding between master and dog. This book discusses all aspects of a puppy's growth, health and dietary needs, and advises on training, grooming, and playtime activities. The clearly written text is accessible to older children as well as adults, and is complemented with attractive color photos on most pages. The front and back cover flaps feature checklists and factual summaries of puppy-care information.

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ISBN 9780764145780
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