I'Ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive

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"Steve Earle brings to his prose the same authenticity, poetic spirit, and cinematic energy he projects in his music. I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive is like a dream you can't shake, offering beauty and remorse, redemption in spades." --Patti Smith "Shot through with humor and insight and . . . enough action and intriguing characters in it to keep readers turning pages." --Boston Globe Doc Ebersole lives with the ghost of Hank Williams. Literally. In 1963, ten years after he may have given Hank the morphine shot that killed him, Doc has lost his license. Living in the red-light district of San Antonio, he performs abortions and patches up the odd knife wound to feed his addiction. But when Graciela, a young Mexican immigrant, appears in the neighborhood in search of Doc's services, miraculous things begin to happen. Everyone she meets is transformed for the better, except, maybe, for Hank's angry ghost--who isn't at all pleased to see Doc doing well.*This Book May Have Remainder mark*

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ISBN 9780547754437
Categories Fiction, Fiction/Fiksyen, General Fiction
Author(s) Steve Earle
Publisher Mariner
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